Seven Valleys

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Leiden no. 16



Cross-reference (to "Seven Cities") with Gems of Divine Mysteries

Seven Valley Notes



"Regarding your question concerning the passage in 'Seven Valleys' referring to pre-existence. This in no way presupposes the existence of the individual soul before conception. The term has not been absolutely accurately translated, and what is meant is that man's soul is the repository of the ancient, Divine mysteries of God."

(From a letter written on behalf of the Guardian to an individual believer, January 5, 1948, in Lights of Guidance, no. 1699)

By section (in scholarship)

Valley of Unity

True Poverty and Absolute Nothingness

"The word "Guardian" in the Seven Valleys has no connection with the Bahá'í Guardianship."

(8 January 1949, Unfolding Destiny, p. 453)

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